Terms of Service from Whatsappcash

§1. object of the contract

§1.1. DH Network ( "whatsappcash.de") offers users (also referred to as publisher / advertiser) the opportunity to participate in the distribution of online campaigns. The following conditions are the basis of the contract between dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") and the Publisher / Advertiser. The terms and conditions of the publisher / advertiser shall not be a contractual component. Neither a contract term[oder]a fixed remuneration rate are agreed. The contract can be terminated at any time.

§2. Registration and receipt of the contract Participation in the affiliate program requires the advertiser to log in. The user has to enter the following data: name, first name / company, participant type (private person, entrepreneur, freelancer / freelancer), user name, telephone number, password, e-mail address, postal address, date of birth, bank account. The choice of the advertiser is solely by dh network ( "whatsappcash.de"). After the selection has been made, the advertising partner is activated by dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de"). There is no claim of the advertiser for selection and release. Dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") also reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship at any time with advertising partners whose social media sites violate the rights of others and /[oder]libelous, abusive, obscene, violence glorifying[oder]harassing Violence, political, religious and /[oder]ideological extremist, racist[oder]xenophobic. The assessment of this is solely by dh network ( "whatsappcash.de").

§ 3. Rights of use By agreeing to the terms of the contract, dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") grants the advertising partner a simple (non-exclusive), non-transferable right to publish the social media campaigns made available on the Internet[oder]Whatsapp for the duration of the contract term. The Advertising Partner is not entitled to make any changes[oder]modifications to the social media campaigns without the consent of dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de").

§ 4. Provisions for fansite operators (publisher)

§ 4.1 The publisher may not advertise advertising spots at the dh network ( "whatsappcash.de"), if the participating social media pages Violent, erotic, pornographic, hateful,[oder]despicable, unauthorized,[oder]unauthorized content,[oder]directly[oder]through hyperlinks to pages of such content.

§ 4.2 Should unsafe methods be disclosed, dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") reserves the right to block socialmedia pages and, if necessary, the complete publisher account and to freeze[oder]block the payments and to take legal action to pay damages From (see § 12) plus incurred damage to our advertisers.

§ 4.3 It is forbidden to register a social media pages at dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de"), which has already been registered on the platform within the framework of another account, which was terminated by dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de"). Users who were affected by a termination by dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") may not create a new account. Furthermore, double accounts are forbidden.

§ 5 Practices for Publishers in Social Media Campaigns If the publisher culpably infringes the practices for publishers in social media campaigns and /[oder]technical specifications, dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") will point out this violation and give him a reasonable deadline to remove the infringement. After the deadline, dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") is entitled to terminate without notice. The setting of the deadline is not necessary if there are special circumstances which justify the immediate termination without undue delay.

§ 5.1 Practices for publishers in social media campaigns dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") provides publishers social media campaigns free-to-use. The campaigns will be released only after the publisher has been captured. If an application is not required for social media campaigns, the campaign may be dismantled in accordance with § 4 on the publisher's social media pages. Pay for clicking social media campaigns (Forced clicks) is not allowed. Calling our social media campaigns within iFrames popup, popunder, layer, bots, visitor exchange system[oder]click software is not permitted. Text prompts (eg click here you must have seen!) Is not allowed. The sharing of our social media campaigns is only possible via the social media button in your account (a special permit is possible, a short request via e-mail is sufficient.).

§ 6. Obligations of the Advertising Partner

§ 6.1 The advertising partner is obliged to keep the landing page available for the entire duration of this contract. Changes to the URL are to be communicated to the operator without delay. Should the advertising partner find any faults when linking to the target site, he shall immediately notify the operator of these faults.

§ 6.2 The advertising partner is responsible for the correct technical integration of the links provided by the operator. Only if the links are correctly linked can a proper payment be made.

§ 6.3 Advertising media must comply with German law. Advertisements that cause a high CPU load (such as bad, programmed Flash advertisers are strictly rejected.) The contents of the advertisements must be free of third party licensing rights.

§ 6.4 It is forbidden to automatically redirect to other websites, if this web page has not been checked by the operator before.

§ 7. Publisher remuneration dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") offers the following remuneration types: commission per click (CPC) The amount of the remuneration ultimately depends on the respective commission model of the respective campaigns. The respective commission model and remuneration are announced for each campaign.

§ 7.1 Payout dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") pays 30 days after payment request, between 15 and 30 of the following month. The payout will be made directly from the publisher's specified account (PayPal, bank transfer) from a minimum amount of 30.00 Euro. The credit notes are stored in the publisher area under Credit memos.

§ 8. Relationship between the advertiser and dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de")

§ 8.1. Conclusion of contract The contract between the advertiser and dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") about the publication of advertisements during an agreed period comes by successful confirmation of the payment. dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") reserves the right to refuse individual advertisements at any discretion. The publication of an advertisement ends after the period booked by the advertiser. § 8.2. Responsibility of the advertiser The advertising customer guarantees in particular:

§ 8.2.1. That all graphics and texts are by yourself and not copy.

§ 8.2.2. That he does not want to create / link a sexual, pornographic, violence-glorifying, despising, frenzied[oder]war-glorifying site.

§ 8.2.3. dh Network( "Whatsappcash.de") (operator: Dominicus Hantke) and their opponents / notices. The advertising customer will, therefore, exempt dh    Network ( "whatsappcash.de") from any claims by third parties and indemnify them.

§ 8.3. Payment of the advertisers The advertiser has to pay the fee for the campaigns (advertising space) to dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de"). The advertising space prices are without VAT. The agreed remuneration will be payable and billed immediately at the start of a campaign. dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") reserves the right to claim payment before the start of a campaign without a campaign not being started. After payment of the invoice, the remuneration will be paid within 10 days to the account of dh Network Dominicus Hantke (Commerzbank number: 322323700 bank code: 85040000)[oder]via paypal to paypal@dhnetwork.info. Interest on arrears will be charged at the rate of 8%. The assertion of a higher damage caused by default remains reserved. A right of set-off of the advertiser exists only if the claim set-off is legally established[oder]undisputed.

§ 8.4. Liability by dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") is not liable for the obligations of the advertisers as well as the content of an advertisement. dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") does not guarantee complete delivery of a campaign and is not liable for damages of force majeure[oder]damage caused by technical disturbances. Claims for damages shall only arise in cases of willful intent[oder]gross negligence on the part of the meritor[oder]their representatives. This does not apply to the adhesion of assured characteristics and to the violation of essential contractual obligations. Verdiendtcheck is not obliged to check the advertisements.

§ 8.5. notice The contract concluded between dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") and the advertiser may be terminated at any time without notice and without giving reasons. The notice of termination shall be in writing. If he announces advertising before the expiration of his contract, a fee of 25% of the amount paid will be deducted from the return amount. dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") is entitled at any time to interrupt the delivery of an advertisement if there are indications for illegal content.

§ 9. No guarantee for advertising contents by dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") does not guarantee the functionality[oder]the advertising content, the advertising material delivered by the Advertiser[oder]the video content delivered by the copyright owner, which are linked to the publisher's participating website. dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") also does not guarantee that the displayed Werbelinks are in thematic[oder]other context with the publisher's participating website.

§ 10 No guarantee for advertising content by dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") does not guarantee the functionality[oder]the advertising content, the advertising material delivered by the advertiser[oder]the video content delivered by the copyright owner, which are linked to the participating socialmedia pages of the publisher. dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") also does not guarantee that the displayed Advertising-Links are in thematic[oder]other context with the participating social media pages of the publisher.

§ 11 Liability dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de") is not responsible for damages[oder]other disturbances which are caused by the defectiveness[oder]incompatibility of the software[oder]hardware of the advertising partner as well as for damage caused by the lack of availability[oder]the perfect functioning of the Internet responsible. In all other respects, liability is only for intentional and gross negligence also for a legal representative, for a managerial employee[oder]other vicarious agents, for every culpable infringement of a fundamental contractual obligation (whereby the concept of the essential contract obligation expressly defines such an obligation whose fulfillment is the correct implementation Of the treaty is permitted and the other party is allowed to trust it regularly), in case of default and impossibility. The aforementioned limitations on liability do not apply in cases of mandatory legal liability, in particular under the Product Liability Act, in the case of a guarantee and in the case of culpable injuries to life, body and health.

§ 12 Contractual Penalty If the publisher culpably violates one of his contractual obligations under this contract, he is obligated, namely dh Network ( "whatsappcash.de"), for each infringement to be determined by the dh network ( "whatsappcash.de") To review their adequacy. The contractual penalty is determined according to the severity of the violation of the dh network ( "whatsappcash.de").

§ 13 Final provisions The law of the Federal Republic of Germany; The validity of the UN purchase law is excluded. If the advertising partner is a merchant, a legal person of public law[oder]a public special fund, the place of fulfillment and the court of jurisdiction of the contracts that will be included under these terms of use is Berlin. The invalidity of individual points of these Terms of Use shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. On the contrary, what is closest to the intended purpose is replaced by void provisions. There are no additional agreements. Contract additions are only effective if they are confirmed in writing.