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Whatsapp has been launched as a messenger to send short news, pictures, music, voice messages and small videos to friends and acquaintances quickly and easily. In the meantime, the messaging service from Marc Zuckerberg makes it possible to make money, almost effortlessly and completely simply. Interestshare is the name of our online portal. How easy you can make money with the smartphone and how it works exactly, we show here.


How does registration at Interestshare work?

The video explains exactly how to log in to Interestshare, so you can earn money with your phone:

  • First, you must enter your personal data into a clear form. The registration is fast and is done in a short time. You must not forget to read the General Terms and Conditions and place a checkmark in the appropriate place. You will then be sent an email to the e-mail address you specified.
  • Enable link: In the mail you are sent, is a link that enables you to activate your personal account at Interestshare. From then on you can use the portal, and make money with Whatsapp.
  • In the Dashboard: Once you log in to Interestshare for the first time, you will be taken directly to the Dashboard. There you can see all the campaigns offered.
  • Before you start sending the short news, you should connect your account to your social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+[oder]Instagram, of course, as a platform. Then you can get started. Once you have earned your first 30 euros with interestshare, you can have your money transferred to your account. For the payment of your credit, you only have to add the required bank data.

How to make money with the mobile phone

How you earn money with the mobile The principle behind the motto: Making Money with Whatsapp is quite simple: Only the appropriate campaigns have to be selected on the portal and shared in the Whatsapp Messenger on the smartphone as well as the social networks. This is all - and there is then a corresponding remuneration. This depends on how many of your friends respond to the click. As a rule, the so-called TKP, ie, the thousand-contact price, is paid for. Click 1000 of your friends[oder]acquaintances on the link shared via your phone, you get the corresponding remuneration of Interestshare for it. The amount of the remuneration depends on the supplier and country, it can sometimes vary quite a bit. For this reason alone, it is worthwhile to look regularly at interestshares as to whether an attractive campaign is again offered. These are then shared either directly in Whatsapp[oder]in one of the social networks where you are logged in. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Linkin, and more, you can share your campaigns everywhere, and your earnings will depend on how many people click on it to earn points. Even simpler possibilities with chatten money to earn there is hardly.




What is all about campaigns?



If you want to earn money with Whatsapp, you have many advantages. You can access your Dashboard from anywhere directly from anywhere, and distribute it using MessagingLinks. It does not matter if you are in a traffic jam, at work[oder]at home, even on vacation you can earn points and make money. You just need a smartphone, a registration with interestshare and a little bit of patience. The campaigns are different links. You get links to surveys, links to products, a coupon link and sometimes to share codes for discounts[oder]pictures. Depending on the season, the links change: while during the warm season for summer products are advertised, in the winter more Christmas cards and vouchers offered. For some occasions, such as Halloween[oder]Valentine's Day, there are special campaigns to collect your points.


Modern marketing - Influencer in the social media and market themselves

If you have a lot of friends and followers on the social networks and are often on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat[oder]Twitter, you can easily make money with Whatsapp. The more followers you have, the more attractive you are for the influencer marketing of companies. But you should be careful: You want to make money with Whatsapp, but you should not annoy your friends and followers. They should be happy about the clips and photos and do not have the feeling to be permanently overloaded with advertising. If you focus on specific categories that fit you perfectly, you'll also get a lot more clicks. For example, if you are on the snowboard in winter and on the mountain bike in summer, all the campaigns are good for you, where it is all about action and fun in these areas. Maybe you even get more friends and followers? The more you have, the more interesting you are for companies that want to produce the products and sell them to the fans. In addition, the campaigns look more credible when they fit into you and your personal lifestyle. As a social influencer in the social media, you are the perfect partner for companies and their products.


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Whatsappcash wird zu Interestshare Partnerprogramm (18.02.2017)
Hallo Whatsappcashler!

wir freuen uns euch heute über die Namensänderung zu berichten, dabei wird whatsappcash.de zu Interestshare Partnerprogramm. Whatsappcash.de wird dabei aber weiterhin erreichbar bleiben und euch für das teilen eurer Interessen vergüten.

Viele Grüße,
das Interestshare-Team


Hello Whatsappcashler!

We are happy to tell you today about the change of name, whatsappcash.de becomes an interestshare affiliate program. Whatsappcash.de will continue to be available and reward you for sharing your interests.

Best regards,
The Interestshare team

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