Questions and Answers

When can I apply for a withdrawal?

You can request a withdrawal from a credit of 30 €.

How is the balance paid out and how long does a payout take?

Your credit will be transferred to the Bank[oder]Paypal account within 30 days.

In which countries may I advertise?

In principle, you can apply for our campaigns in all countries. Campaigns allow you to filter campaigns for certain countries. In these campaigns only clicks from the country are compensated.

For which social networks do I receive remuneration?

Basically, we attach importance to the marketing via Whatsapp but there is also the possibility to receive a remuneration by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, reddit u.v.m.

Do I need to enter a website to join Interestshare?

No, you should market exclusively via social media networks then we need the fansite where the post is shared, this fan site you need to enter into your account.

Why do I need to enter my phone number when registering?

This is what we need to send you the latest campaigns and news about Whatsapp.

Why do I have to show Interestshare my groups and fan pages and enter into my profile?

This is for quality control, so we can pay you a reasonable click-TKP