In January 2015 Whatsapp and Whatsapp Web were used by around 700 million people worldwide. The tendency is increasing. This means there is great potential for advertisers. The Whatsappcash platform is a system for mobile and social media traffic. Images, videos, articles and advertisements can be sent directly to the mobile phone (Whatsapp)[oder]the PC (Whatsapp Web). The system of Whatsappcash is unique as a system for mobile and social media advertising. With this mobile advertising system campaigns can be published. Sharing and forwarding of this campaigns will always generate new traffic. In Whatsappcash integrated is a unique default system against Paid4 traffic and fraud attempts. This increases the security for the advertiser enormously and ensures that only costs arise when success is shown. High-quality fan pages can be easily shared with more than 20 social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. It is also possible to select the target group for campaigns by category and country. This ensures that the campaigns are only displayed to the users who are also interested in the product[oder]service. In the future, in addition to the usual CPC campaigns (cost-per-click), it is planned that we can offer CPi (cost-per-install) and lead campaigns (generation of contact data). Not every customer needs just a lot of clicks. With Whatsappcash's help, customers can easily and uncomplicatedly create a tailor-made and individual campaign. Are you interested in a viral marketing campaign?

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